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Abraham Lincoln, the 16th President of the United States, is credited with saying that the best way to predict the future is to create it.

The world was built by explorers and innovators, by those with a bold vision to see the world as it could be, and the courage and energy to make it happen.

For startups and scaling companies, it is the entrepreneur or the CEO who has the power of thought to envision the growth strategy for their business, and combines it with the persistence and leadership abilities needed to turn it into reality.
While nobody can predict the future, having command over financial concepts and a strategic plan for growth can be a powerful way for entrepreneurs, business owners, and CEOs to help drive responsible business growth and create incremental value.


We assist entrepreneurs and CEOs to understand their financial and operational metrics, including where they are now and where they should be in the future, to determine the best pricing for their market, to determine a capitalization strategy, which may involve debt and/or equity financing and knowing how and when to seek the capital, to assess risks through scenario testing, to prepare for investor meetings, and to explore opportunities for growth either through strategic initiatives and/or investments.

When it comes to raising capital, Sapling can help you tell your story in a way that delivers maximum impact. Our experience with financial modelling for startups makes us the best financial consultants to have in your corner for turning your vision into reality and assembling the resources to execute it.

What We Do
  • Data Analytics - Automation
  • Data Analytics - Power BI Dashboard
  • Due Diligence - Data Analytics
  • Due Diligence - Quality of Earnings
  • Financial Analysis - Excel-Reporting Pack
  • Financial Analysis - Financial Model Build
  • Financial Analysis - Investor Relations
  • Financial Analysis - Operating Tool Enhancement
  • Outsourced Modelling & FP&A - Interim FP&A
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