Small Businesses

Top-tier finance professionals, accessible to entrepreneurs.

You’ve already solved the hardest problem: you’ve built a thriving business. But ‘finance’ is not your area of expertise and you’ve reached a point where financial details have a direct impact on your bottom line.

We empower entrepreneurs to grow, streamline, or sell their businesses — providing top-tier financial modelling and consulting on an as-needed basis, at a fraction of the annual cost of a corporate management consultancy.

Our financial models and advisory services help entrepreneurs and business owners:

  • Secure external financing
  • Buy or sell a business
  • Avoid cash flow crunches
  • Build a working capital model
  • Monitor and manage financial ratios
  • Identify & eliminate unprofitable clients & products
  • Efficiently allocate resources & achieve profitability
  • Be taken seriously

Monthly Retainer

You could benefit from a CFO, but the cost of a ‘top-performer’ is so high that you’re not sure about the ROI. Sapling provides top-tier financial modelling and consulting and ongoing financial coaching on an as-needed basis, at a fraction of the annual cost of a corporate management consultancy or a dedicated full-time CFO. We’re in your corner.

Business Cases & Scenarios

For those circumstances where a decision must be made: invest or don’t invest in a project, build this plant or don’t, begin global expansion or start with the US market? The Sapling team will work with you to design and build a professional multi-scenario model that highlights the true financial risks and benefits of your decision so that you can act with clarity and confidence.

Business Plans

A professional financial model to strengthen your business plan, designed in collaboration with the Sapling Financial team. Best used for attracting investors, securing bank financing for new projects, buying or selling businesses, and breaking into new markets.

Data Analysis

Leverage the Sapling Team’s modelling expertise to examine your financial data and bring inefficiencies to light. Without a clear and accurate representation of your revenues and costs, there is a high risk that you have unprofitable clients or products lurking below the surface that holding you back from being as profitable as you could be.

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