Publicly-Traded & Mid-Market Companies

Make financial decisions with clarity and confidence.

Your responsibility is to create value.

Whether you’re a proactive CEO looking to profitably scale & grow, or a vigilant CFO looking to avoid risk and eliminate waste, professional financial models and data analysis tailored to your business can help you make sense of the numbers so that you can focus on your highest-value activity: making decisions with clarity and confidence.

Our financial models help CEOs & CFOs of publicly traded companies, and midmarket companies ($25M+ of annual revenues):

  • Secure financing for new projects
  • Exceed targets and achieve bonuses
  • Break into new markets
  • Identify & eliminate unprofitable clients & products
  • Achieve higher profitability

Model Build

A professional financial model built from scratch and tailored to your specific business problem, designed in collaboration with the Sapling Financial team. Best used for securing financing (external or internal) for new projects, breaking into new markets, and creating models to effectively manage company cash flow.

Model Audit

Give your existing models the Sapling Financial treatment to take them from ‘good’ to ‘best-in-class’. Our team of professionals will help you protect yourself against litigation or reputational fallout by auditing your models to ensure you’ve crossed every ’t’ and dotted every ‘i’ from a financial standpoint.

Data Analysis

Leverage the Sapling Team’s modelling expertise to examine your financial data and bring inefficiencies to light. Without a clear and accurate representation of your revenues and costs, there is a high risk that you have unprofitable clients or products lurking below the surface that are holding you back from achieving your profitability targets.

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