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3. Carbon Offsets

In order to claim carbon neutrality, many businesses rely on carbon offsets to offset their business travel, fleet fuel consumption and heating fuel consumption. Carbon offsets can be generated in a variety of ways such as through sustainable forestry, conversion of carbon generating assets to renewables, sustainable agriculture, etc. The key premise is that you are investing in a project that sequestered or “offset” carbon that would have been emitted had the project not been created. Carbon offsets can be obtained from a variety of dealers and directly through airlines for business travel. Costs range from $5-50 per ton of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) depending on the type of project and the type of offset you are purchasing. For example, for a round trip ticket between Toronto and New York a total of 0.21 tons of CO2e could be offset with an approx. price of $6.30.

Incorporating Sustainability into your Small Business

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